ACICS Loss of Accreditation Impact on F1 Visa Students

ACICS Loss of Accreditation

Interview with Attorney Murali Bashyam | taught by Raghuram Sukumar

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Attorney Murali Bahsyam explain what the impact on prospective students who just got Visa for Spring 2017 semester to someone who graduated and a graduate from one of the affected schools applying for Green Card.

When you watch the interview you will see the sort of impact it can have on your current vs future status.

There are a couple of categories of student who are most impacted.

We have discussed these scenarios based on information and guidelines available for us. As more details, clarity becomes available, the contents of this guide will be updated.

Here's the sample list of questions covered in this interview:

  • I just got the visa for NPU, Can I come to the US and transfer university? What will happen at the Port of Entry?
  • I Applied for OPT, will USCIS approve initial 12 months OPT?
  • I’m on OPT, what’s the impact? My OPT is going to expire, I’m going to apply for STEM OPT Extension. Can I Apply? If not, what are my options?
  • I am working in STEM OPT Extension. What’s the impact on my current status?
  • I have graduated from my university when it was Accredited, Am I eligible for Applying H1B Visa under MASTER CAP?
  • I have already completed my masters in computer science, but did not apply for the OPT till now. Shall I apply for double masters now or can apply for OPT?
  • I've been approved for 17 months of opt extension and extra 7 months recently. I've I20, employment letter, valid visa, pay stubs, EAD cards. I'm visiting my family in India right now. Would there be any problem with my re-entry?
  • Will my degree be considered as an accredited master's degree? (Should I can consider myself as a person holding a Master’s degree or not?)
  • Can I go for further education using my current degree by ACICS?
  • Can I apply for H1B (Masters Quota) on my OPT period (April 2017)?
  • What is the chances of getting new accreditation before Dec'17 as it is a lengthy process? (So I can then apply for OPT extension).
  • How long does it usually take for an institution to get new accreditation?
  • In case, if my college gets new accreditation in the next couple of months or before dec'17, Will my degree be considered as valid? Can I be considered as a valid H1B visa application for Masters Quota?
  • Transfer Questions:
  • Can you please suggest me any universities that are accepting transfer admissions now?
  • I have 6 months left to Graduate. So, what should I do? Please suggest me the best option should I continue or should I apply for transfer?
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