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Welcome to Ask An Immigration Attorney via

In 3 Easy steps, now you can consult an Immigration Attorney with over 10 years of Experience.

  1. Step 1. Make the Payment
  2. Step 2. Submit Your Questions
  3. Step 3. Schedule Phone Call and Talk to Attorney Murali Bashyam

Questions and Topics He Can Help With:

  • F1 Visa, OPT and STEM OPT, RFE on STEM OPT
  • H-1B and H-4 Visa (Application, RFE, Change of Employers, etc)
  • PERM and I-140
  • H1B Visa and Entrepurnership
  • Change of Status (L1, L2, H1B, H4, J Visa)
  • Other Employment and Family Based Immigration Questions

Here's some question from Actual Readers (Edited to remove personal details)

About CPT

I did M.S. from Electrical engineering (2010) and availed OPT, but had to shortly go back to India (2011) due to family reasons.
Worked in India in different capacities and now I am in Missouri, enrolled as an MBA. I want to seek employment in the USA but since I am in a tricky situation, I need your guidance as to how I can possibly make use of CPT.

H1B and New Employer

I just got my H1 B Visa transferred and will be joining the new employer in December last week. I haven't informed my current employer. I am currently on vacation till January. My I140 is approved. I read that from Jan 17th ,2017, employer can't cancel the I-140).So I am thinking of informing the employer about resignation only in the week of Jan 15th ,2017. Also, my employer hasn't paid me last 2 months salary. I would like to know if this will be an issue later.

STEM OPT for Consulting Company

I would like to understand the new F1 stem extension rules. I have a few employees who will be placed at different client sites across the USA. My company is based in XYZ. I Like to know will there be any issue if applying for STEM OPT Extension for my employees. Please schedule a call like to go over this and see if you can help us file these extension applications.

Change of Employer - STEM OPT in Process

Hi Murali,
i'm planning to change my employer during my OPT Stem extension processing. EAD card can take more than 90 days. But i need to join my new employer before OPT would be issued. I cannot lose my new offer which really helps my career growth. My question is, Can I change new employer during my extension is processed with current employer? Please help me for long term and how I need to proceed in this situation. I have talked to Raghu and he recommended to consult you. I would appreciate if you can help me.

H1B and H4 EAD

My spouse has an approved I140. I am currently on H1B and planning to apply H4 and H4 EAD with my spouse's H1B extension application(in premium). My concern is that my spouse also has a job offer from a different employer and they have already filed her H1B Transfer in premium processing. My question is, if my EAD is approved - will it still be valid after my spouse joins her new employer? If my EAD is not approved before she joins - will my application become invalid? Does USCIS need an approved I140 from a current employer only or do they just look for an approved I140 with any employer?

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Murali Bashyam
Murali Bashyam
Immigration Attorney

Murali brings a unique level of energy to every case. He is a skillful strategist in employment-based immigration, including immigrant and non-immigrant visa application processing, inbound and outbound immigration, alien labor certifications, and professional and intra-company transferee visas. His strategic counsel on planning for recruiting and hiring foreign professionals has brought timely immigration solutions to clients across the globe from mid-sized companies to large multinational corporations.