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Welcome to The Growth Lab – Happy Schools

Growth Lab = Career Lab + Pro Lab. Guides and Courses for Non-Immigrants in the USA.

Career Lab (For Internship & Job Seekers)

Acquire the Job Search Skills to Land Your Dream Internship or a Full-Time Job.

7 Days Job Search Challenge

Learn How to Organize, Optimize and Simplify Your Internship or Job Search in 7 Days by Completing One Task per Day.

7 Days LinkedIn Networking Challenge

Coming Soon. 

7 Days LinkedIn Profile Challenge

Improve and Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile in 7 days by Completing Byte Sized Task per Days and Stand Out.

7 Days LinkedIn Challenge – Part 3

Coming Soon

Guide: The Complete Job Search

Learn the Skills to Get Hired. Complete Job Search Guide for F1, H1B, H4 Visa Holders to Land a Full-Time Direct Hire Job.

7 Days LinkedIn Challenge – Part 4

Coming Soon.

Guide: OPT, H1B Visa & Immigration

Guide: H1B Visa Application FAQ’s

Learn about H1B Visa Process –  Lottery, Receipt Numbers, Premium Processing, Status Changes, Top Reasons for RFE. 

Guide: H1B Visa Plan B

Ran out of H1B Visa attempts and Running out of time on OPT/STEM? Learn the Options to continue to stay legally in the USA. 

Guide: Unlawful Presence Memo vs Day 1 CPT

Learn the impact of unlawful presence memo vs attending Day 1 CPT with possible solutions.

Guide: Entreprunership on F1 & H1B Visa

Learn how to start a company on OPT u0026amp; H1B Visa or how to convert your technical skills into a second income.

Guide: Migrating to Canada via Express Entry

Learn the Step by Step Process of Migrating to Canada in this 4.5 Hours Video Guide u0026amp; Exclusive Interviews.

Guide: How to Plan H4 to F1 Visa Conversion

Plan the Conversion from H4 to F1 Visa considering COS, Stamping, and Timing of The Options. 

Guide: Green Card Process Simplified

Learn about EB Green Card Process. Top Mistakes to Avoid from H1B to GC during the decade long process.

Guide: Travle, Life & Living

Guide: How to Negotiate & Save Buying a New Car

Tactics to find the Dealer who would sell the New Car at the Price You Want using the Email Templates and Negotiation Tricks. 

Guide: How to Save on Auto Insurance

Learn how to save on auto insurance, getting the right coverage for first-time car buyers. Interview with an Insurance Expert. 

Guide: Immigranst and the Documents

Take Care of Your Documents that matters. Use this Structure and System I follow the say organized. (Coming Soon)