Immigrating to Canada After MS in Virginia Tech – Interview with Shekar Sharma

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada, then this interview is must watch.

Shekar spoke in detail about his journey to Canada after MS in the USA to Back to India to Express Entry Process and Moving to Canada.

You can get information about

Life in USA

  • Life in USA
  • Working in USA
  • Day 1 CPT vs Moving Back to India

Express Entry Process

  • Express Entry Process,
  • Where to get your Police Clearance Certificate in India
  • FBI Report
  • Timeline
  • Documentation required for Express Entry
  • Port of Entry Experience
  • Steps to follow as new immigrant in Canada
  • Doing Express Entry from USA vs India

Living in Canada

  • How he found a job in Canada from India
  • Cost of living
  • finding a place to stay
  • Cost of apartments
  • Commuting in Toronto
  • Dealing with Cold Weather
  • Job Opportunities in Canada

After the Live Interview, members asked ton of questions about his journey to Canada.