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Arjun D

I restrained myself of the excitement n joy till I got out of the consulate.

I later informed Raghu and thanked him for his guidance and how meticulously he helped me prepare for my visa.

Thats not it….This was the 3rd time we took help from him(1st time was for my wife’s rejected F1 visa interview prep; second was my F2 prep{with my B1/B2 canceled and the previous F2 rejected} and 3rd was my F1) and our track record has been approvals after approvals with his approach to preparation.

I’ve recommended over 6 F1 applicants to him and all have got their approvals.

Once again…Thanks Raghu!

Surya Teja

Thank you, Raghu for an informative session. I’m on my Initial OPT and my H-1 got picked this year. Because of your session now I’m planning for a townhome. Monsterous Thank you for this session. Really appreciate it 🙂

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