Spoorthi – F1 Visa Approval After Rejection

What Visa Did Your Attend the Interview For?
F1 Visa (Rejected Before)
USA Visa Interview Result?
1. Describe Your Day Leading Upto the Interview
It was an awesome experience working with Raghu
2. What happened After You Reached The U.S. Consulate?
I reached 20 mins early since there was less queue. They left me inside before my time of appointment
3. After Entering the Consulate Till Attending the Interview..
I reached interview hall in 15 mins since there were less people. I saw 20 people rejection right in front of me. I felt bit nervous and then thought I’m unique than others and went to VO with full of confidence.
4. F1 Visa Interview Experience
I was in a mood that my visa won’t be approved since VO rejected many people infront of me. But I gained full confidence when I stood infront of VO. I answered all his questions with full of confidence. In all the aspects I explained things in clear way as I discussed with Raghu. Things worked ๐Ÿ™‚
5. What did you do after the interview?
I was unable to believe that my visa was approved. I asked him twice. I took time to realize that. I thanked him and came out with happy face ๐Ÿ™‚
What were your objections before joining F1 Visa Coaching with Raghu?
There were no objections:)
List MOST important Benefit You Got from the F1 Visa Coaching?
Confidence and technic
Now, your Interview is Complete, What do you think about F1 Visa Coaching Process?
It’s very good and much needed to everyone before their first visa interview
What would be three other benefits about this service?
Raghu coaching
Friendly reminders
Coaching materials
Would you recommend this service? If so, why?
Definitely. It’s very neat and clear. Hence I would like to recommend
Is there anything youโ€™d like to add?
Thanks for providing this service ๐Ÿ™‚


F1 Visa Rejection – Experience

I was standing in Queue-i saw person in next panel answering question.He was from TCS as well.
He answered questions and finally he said i work for US client. VO officer then looked for something and rejected his visa.I got bit nervous then since i work for Wirecard North America project.But wire-card has head quarters in Germany and projects in Germany as well.So i decided to say Wirecard Germany as my client.

My turn came
Me – Good Afternoon Sir,
VO-Good afternoon mam
pass your passport and i20
Me- gave passport and i20
VO-graduated in 2014
ME-yes Sir
VO-going on sabbatical or resigned
ME-Sabbatical leave sir
VO-Got it
VO-Which Client ?
VO-which location in US
Me-Germany Sir
Which all universities you applied?
ME- i said FIU,USF,UTD and University of Arlington(even tough i applied to one,i said 4)
VO-why fiu
ME- Curriculum of FIU is very interesting specially the core courses on database management such as database warehousing and data mining is very interesting and Professors of FIU have much IT Experience which be helpful to get exposure to IT real time scenarios.I got an opportunity to speak with alumni’s and professors of fiu which was very promising.Hence i chose FIU
VO-Got you!
VO-What is the Major-i said Masters in information system but its mentioned as Computer System Analysis as per FIU Stem accreditation.
VO-Gre Score
ME-294 Sir
VO-How this course helps or relate your work
Me-his voice was not audible, i said could you please repeat the question sir
VO-repeated How this course relate to your work
Me- Sir i have 3+ work experience in IT Industry.I dream to see myself as Business Intelligence Analyst. In-order to achieve that pursuing masters in information system helps me a lot. This course has unique combination of technology and business.I wish to see myself as Communication bridge between business needs and technology.
VO-Got you
VO-who is sponsoring you?
Me -My father sir and i have student loan as well
explained my Father has personal savings of 25L and i have my personal savings of 4 L and i have taken student loan of 30L
VO-Whats your father savings?repeated same question
Me-25L sir again i repeated.i have student loan of 30L and my personal saving of 4L and father asset worth of 1.5cr

VO-thought for a while and said im sorry mam this time i cant approve your visa.reason is given in this form which was 214b refusal form and told you can try to apply again

i was in shock and i forgot to ask the reason for rejection and walked out with dull face.
I answered all the questions with confidence .Things didn’t come true as my exepectations of first interview

Need to overcome my mistakes and hoping positive experience this time.
Need your assistance!!!