H4 to F1 to Full-Time Job: From College Admission to Job Search with Tina

Show Summary:

  1. Why she decided to study on F1 instead of H4
  2. F1 Visa Interview Experience
  3. Timeline – Entering USA on H4 to Deciding to Study on F1 Visa
  4. GRE & TOEFL Scores
  5. Universities Applied
  6. Admission with Scholarship
  7. GA with Full Tuition Waiver
  8. Summer Internship using CPT (company doesn’t apply for H1B)
  9. One Course was the primary reason for her to land the Internship
  10. Back to School for last semester
  11. 2 Phone Calls from VP of the company where she worked as intern
  12. She declined the Offer first
  13. VP Called again
  14. Tips for finding jobs and tips for networking
  15. Questions from Event attendees