How to Prepare for an College Career Fair & Land a Job – with Nitish (NJIT)

Is your college career fair coming shortly? And I give examples of Show vs Tell. Why Showing an employer would result in job interviews than just hiding your skill sets behind your resume.

Note: Nitish is not on video (so you are stuck watching only my video).

Then you need a strategy. Don’t walk in with 25 resumes and expect to walk out with job offer.

Typically, companies attending college career fair will send employees from local office.

  • Target:
    • Get complete lost of companies attending the fair
    • Find job postings in locations near your campus
    • Prepare to talk to them specifically for those positions.

Along with this interview on how to research the companies and how you can use the college career fair to build your network, you should also watch the interview with Sana (how she landed a job from Society for Women Engineers Career Fair).